Mission Vision Values

Why choose us?


The mission of Triangle School of Theology is to provide quality and affordable theological education using various modalities of teaching and learning at the graduate level to prepare clergy and laity for training, vocation, and service in churches, Christian ministries, and the community to serve the global community.


  • We believe that God’s word is central and foundational for all knowledge and wisdom and that the word of God is the catalyst for transformation.
  • We believe that for education to be effective, it must be both theoretical as well as practical in application.
  • We believe that the church is God’s vehicle for worship and world discipleship.
  • We believe that lost people matter to God and; therefore, ought to matter to us.
  • We believe that excellence in education honors God and inspires people.
  • We believe that Christian Education requires agape (love) as its foundation, koinonia (fellowship) as its building blocks, and mentoring interaction of the administration, faculty, student body, and community for Kingdom Building.



The institution and its personnel will act with integrity in all that it does including in teaching and learning.

Student Centeredness

The institution and its educational programs are intended to meet the needs of students and to increase the student’s level of knowledge and success. TSOT follows an open-door admission policy based on the necessity of responding to each student at the appropriate individual level of ability and development.


The institution is dedicated to excellence and to the students’ overall quality development by promoting life-long learning, scholarly inquiry, and a commitment of service to others.

African-American Religious Experience

The institution’s history is grounded in the African-American religious experience. The curriculum is designed and implemented to prepare the clergy and laity for various ministries and Christian education which are undergirded in that African-American religious experience.


The institution’s programs and services are geared towards promoting and nurturing the students’ growth and development as ethical and value-oriented persons.


The institution is an interdenominational, interracial, and gender inclusive community modeled on diversity which constitutes the Body of Christ.

The institution is committed to maintaining its diverse student body and a diverse faculty and staff who appreciates cultural diversity and embodies a sense of civic, social and religious responsibility.