Continuing Education

Dr. Tiffany Bennett-Cornelous

Join us at Triangle School of Theology. Your life

will never be the same!

Triangle School of Theology (TSOT) Continuing Education Program has open admission. It is open to persons who have not had access to professional theological training.

The program meets the needs of:

  • Adult learners
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Pastors and laypersons of ALL denominations

Our Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are fully certified by the school. TSOT will provide a certificate when a student completes any course of study in our Continuing Education Program. To complete the (TSOT-CE) Continuing Education Certificate Program in any area, you must complete at least 20 CEUs of course work.

  • Affordable fee structure
  • Qualified Christian educators will teach each course.
  • Each course is 2.0 credit hours.
  • Each course is 8 weeks.
  • Students will receive a course certificate for the successful completion of a course.
  • Students will receive a Program Certificate for the successful completion 20 CEUs.
  • Students must enroll through a certified continuing education site.
  • TSOT will provide course materials to the CE site.
  • The Program has OPEN ENROLLMENT. Start your studies now!

Interested in becoming a site to offer continuing education through the Triangle School of Theology? Email: or call (919) 572-1689, ext 7043.

Continuing Education


Certification available in Biblical Studies. See the available courses below.

Spiritual Formation

Old Testament

Teaching of Jesus

Evangelism / Outreach


Bible Literacy

Pauline Letters

New Testament



Continuing Education Centers

Location: Carson, CA

CE Name: Judson Baptist Church CE Center

Site Name: Judson Baptist Church

Director:  Pastor Terry Brown

Coordinator: Travis Collier

Phone: 310-849-4219


Location: Charleston, SC

CE Name: Freedom in Christ CE Center

Site Name: Freedom in Christ Fellowship Church

Dean: Pastor Jackie Little

Coordinator: Elder Roger Little

Phone: 843-534-7545 | 910-220-2645


Location: Durham, NC

CE Name: North Durham CE Center

Site Name: Rise & Shine Ministries

Location: Fayetteville, NC

Site Name: Bible Center One Accord Worldwide COGDirector: Bishop Titus Wesley

Phone: 910-818-6730


Location: Goldsboro, NC

Site Name: Goldsboro-Raleigh District Assembly

Director: Mr. Tarrick Cox

Phone: 252-717-8106


Location: Greenville, NC

CE Name: Cornerstone Bible Institute

Site Name: Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church

Director: Dr. Susan Laws

Phone:  252-752-4156

Location: Jamesville, NC

CE Name: Chosen Generation CE Center

Site Name: Promise Land Church of Christ

Location: Kinston, NC

CE Name: Southern Assembly School of Religion

Site Name: Southern Assembly Churches of Disciples of Christ

Coordinator: Elder Franchine Philpot Pena

Phone: 252-522-2650

Location: Louisburg, NC

CE Name: Youngsville Continuing Education Center

Site Name: Allen Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

Director: Dr. Janet M. Harris

Phone: 919-556-2055


Location: Philadelphia, PA

CE Name: Mount Airy Religious Training Institute and Religions CenterSite Name: Mt Airy COGIC


Location: Raleigh, NCCE

Name: Grace Ministries 1Site Name: Juniper Level Missionary Baptist church

Director: Dr. Shirley A. Jones

Phone: 919-427-9785


Location: Shelby, NC

CE Name: Seedtime & Harvest School of Theology CEC

Site Name: Light Oak Missionary Baptist Church

Dean: Dr. Jonathan Boyd, Sr.

Site Coordinator: Felicia W. Boyd

Site Director: Apostle Lonnie Hall

Phone: 704-915-2826


Location: Spring Lake, NCCE

Name: Without Walls Ministry

Dean: Dr. Alfred Marshall

Site Coordinator: Deborah Marshall

Phone: 910-309-8515