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A message from the President

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Triangle School of Theology (TSOT) where we are committed to providing a rigorous and quality theological education without encumbering students with a tremendous amount of debt. 

Triangle School of Theology is a new school offering a new vision for theological education. With our faculty and staff possessing over 15 years of experience in online theological education, we are positioned to lead the way for the future of preparing church leaders, community leaders, and religious educators in an online theological environment.

With the majority of church leaders and religious educators in the United States being bi-vocational, we understand the need to provide theological training that is convenient, but at the same time is rigorous and preparing students to make an impact in their ministries, communities, and religious settings.

In addition, with the majority of ministries and outreach organizations in the United States having to serve their communities with limited resources, we also understand the need for religious and community leaders to obtain training and theological education that is affordable and will not leave them crippled with a tremendous amount of debt.

The world around us is changing, which means ministry will continue to change and the way in which we theologically engage our communities will change. We at TSOT are

positioning our school to address a changing world and to prepare our students to engage changing communities.

In short, at TSOT we know how to provide impactful online theological education that is affordable. We

invite you to come and learn with us, grow with us, and be inspired with us to affect new generations and evolving communities for God.

You will not be disappointed!

Blessings, Reginald High, Ph.D, D.Min.


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